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Here are a few compelling reasons why you should select Knowledge Solutions from Zen Softech.

Zen has been in the training business for more than 23 years. Zen has an in-depth understanding of what the learner desires. Zen Softech offerings are aimed at providing simple solutions to complex IT needs. The Java practice is customer centric and focuses on providing "best-of-breed" solutions Zen has experienced faculty for Java Training who has been imparting training in the Java Technology for last 23 years, and is having experience of more than 35 years in the IT industry. The synergy from Zen's training and software development businesses gives us an edge to develop and deliver the best in e-Learning. Zen has been developing technology-based training for more than 23 years now. This has helped Zen refine and standardize processes, which gives it the ability to rapidly develop and deploy solutions as per client requirements.

Zen Softech has Provided Services in Software Development to

  • Haver Standard India Pvt Ltd., Halol
    Developed a Software to generate Calibration Certificates based on Microscope readings The software is developed on Java 8
  • GEA Engineering, Baroda
    Developed Weekly timesheet management software for their inhouse usage Employees enter weekly timesheets which are approved by their respective managers and later reports are generated for analysing the usage of employees project wise and activitywise, costing of the project is also done using this software. The software is developed on Java Web Platform
  • Leading Telecom Company
    Developed an Auto Configuration Server for a leading manufacturer of telecom equipment.
  • IndusFace Consulting, Baroda
    Four Forms - Four Forms is an internet based application that will allow registered users the ability to fill out, sign, submit, edit and resubmit the following four forms of EPA 1.Annual Emissions Report 2.Demolition and Asbestos Abatement Project Notification Form 3.Fiscal Report Form for NPDES Permittees 4.Sludge Management Report Form This was developed on behalf of IndusFace Consulting for their offshore client.
  • IndusFace Consulting, Baroda
    EDMR 2.0 - EDMR 2.0 is an internet based application that will allow registered users the ability to fill out, sign, submit, edit and resubmit the EDMR form of EPA. This was developed on behalf of IndusFace Consulting for their offshore client.
  • G-tek Corporation, Baroda
    Developed software products for their various data logging equipments, LMDisp, LMView, Aqwire are some softwares which are used for configuring the equipment and later retrieving and presenting data in tabular and graphical form and generates csv files for the data. All the softwares are developed on Java platform
  • Rishabh Software, Baroda
    Provided consultancy for design of software for their offshore client.
  • CMC Limited, Ahmedabad (for CARTOSAT Project of ISRO)
    External reviewer for SRS and SDD documents sent by them to client. Designed and Developed (on Java Platform 1.4 using RMI and Threads) a scheduler for the project and provided manpower (Application Programmer and Systems Analyst) for the project.
  • CMC Limited, Baroda and Ahmedabad (for BSNL DOTSOFT Implementations at Baroda, Rajkot, Nadiad and Bharuch)
    Implemented the DOTSOFT software at four sites of BSNL. DOTSOFT is an Integrated software for Commercial and Accounts departments. Implementation included installation of Oracle DB and porting of existing data from various systems.
  • CMC Limited, Mumbai (for development of VECTOR)
    Provided services in development of their product VECTOR (Versatile Engine for Computerized Trading and Online Reporting project). It is the online trading system for stock exchanges, which is developed on HP/UX as the back-end and Pentium as the front-end machine and Sybase Database. It was implemented at various regional stock exchanges including Vadodara Stock Exchange, Pune Stock Exchange, etc.
  • IMS India, Mumbai
    Developed NDFMS and OLCP software for them using Oracle as database and Delphi as frontend. Also developed an EBCDIC2ASCII utility in Delphi.
  • ONGC Limited, Vadodara
    Provided consultancy for their SCADA software
  • PRCS (Oklahama, USA)
    Debugged and successfully implemented on ONGC site a software, which was developed by a Software company in U.S. The software was a SCADA front-end. The bugs fixed related to interfacing with the RTU.
  • IPCL, Baroda
    Upgradation of their Regional Office's software to make them Y2K compliant

The core of the company consists of IT professionals who have higher education, high professional skills and experience of many projects completed. The company has a lot of successfully completed projects behind itself.