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Here are a few compelling reasons why you should select Knowledge Solutions from Zen Softech.

Zen has been in the training business for more than 23 years. Zen has an in-depth understanding of what the learner desires. Zen Softech offerings are aimed at providing simple solutions to complex IT needs. The Java practice is customer centric and focuses on providing "best-of-breed" solutions Zen has experienced faculty for Java Training who has been imparting training in the Java Technology for last 23 years, and is having experience of more than 35 years in the IT industry. The synergy from Zen's training and software development businesses gives us an edge to develop and deliver the best in e-Learning. Zen has been developing technology-based training for more than 23 years now. This has helped Zen refine and standardize processes, which gives it the ability to rapidly develop and deploy solutions as per client requirements.

What We Do

Understanding Technical Specification:
We Discuss all the requirements, features and usage scenarios for the App with you. After all of these are confirmed and approved by you. .
Architecture Defined:
Since we develop bug-resilient and reliable mobile applications. This step is necessary to define the technology, structure and frameworks that are optimal to be used. So, we create an infrastructure design for the future app. .
Design Creation:
As everybody knows the look of the UI is as important as the features of the App. So, we design several UI's for the App with different colour schemes and let you decide the Final UI. So, we can start building the Final Application around that design.
Final Application Development:
This process is simple as we start working on the Design, you approved and integrate all the functionality. .
We make sure that when the final product is delivered, it is Bug-free. So, we test the product and make Bug-Reports for the initial test runs and try to identify as many as possibly occur on different stages and usage conditions. .
This is the part where we fix all the Bugs Reported in initial Test runs. So, we can make sure that the product is Bug-Free when Delivered.
We Deliver the final product after regress testing in different Usage scenarios. Final Bug-Free Product is delivered to our clients. .
We help you launch the final App so, users can enjoy the deployed Product and interact with your business better than before .
Maintenance packages are there for our clients to get support even after the App Launch.

The core of the company consists of IT professionals who have higher education, high professional skills and experience of many projects completed. The company has a lot of successfully completed projects behind itself.